Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love on my knees

The truth is, I cannot keep focus enough to read. Therefore, I do not expect anyone to read this. If there is someone reading this, you probably don't understand w.t.F I am talking about... but that is the beauty of ventilation; No one can see it but it makes a sound. So where is truth in pain today? Far, far away.

Love inspired me for the first time in years. I was so rushed with happiness I couldn't help but smile. It was greatness.

Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from hell on earth... But I still have Jewish faith.
I feel amazing in appreciation of love, truth, and hope.
There is a fine line that should be discovered and implemented across the nation. Fashion creates image, image creates a person. For our reflection is mere expression. There is a great divine sense running down my spine, and I can stand tall today. Baruch ashem.
Feed the image of love, feed it clothing sent from above. I've always adored peach, and pale tints... greys, black, and the royal color of red.
Rather than defining the contemporary woman or the edge... define a relationship. Thank you love for inspiration.
Comfort graces my presence and I know now why I love fashion.

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