Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aspirin to aspire the soiled soul

Wind washed the grime of guilt to a gift of clarity. Mistaken by the meaning of closure, I often fold myself in bizarre and frightful situations. Prepared by grasping etiquette and a keen sense, I find myself brave and confident like a warrior. Doubt battles my hope bearing soul… Trust is the savior… Deceit shot and distraught. Refusing to believe I could fall to be naive. To crave the feeling of closure means to crave the acceptance of failing. I refuse to accept failure as an option. I will crave the enlightenment of success until my soul is lifted. Concealing fear from all the years, I can feel myself heal with every drop of thy tears.

Aspirin is a pain killer. Many people rely on pain medication to release pressure. When I was much younger, maybe 10 years ago: I would take a large dose of Ibuprophen in order to relieve my head aches. I should have taken 2… I went for 9 instead… sometimes only 8. Rebellion begins, I began to find hope only within my own cure. My way was the play of all plays.


In form of a thorny green vine, panic streams sense to mind
Codon beams relieve this spine
Mother Envy is a bitch, wearing gloves I beat her twitch
Pain seeped away with this substance and now I know not to feel
I seem to lean on many demons twisting down my spine
Hope to heal this heart of mine before I twine into a bind
No matter what the cost I'll sway so far from getting lost
God, please give me peace of mind…
God, please speed this ill born twine
Panic strikes and streams
Glowing sense beam this thorn filled vine crawling my spine…
Twining and shining is quite like dining with the devil…
Feeling too brave to be afraid, I choose to take this level
Reeling in love, hope, and truth with clues
Spotlight reveals who's who
Shed a skin of blue today
Who am I? Human clay

painful love

Giving mean sneers to her questions of his years, she'd accept anything as an answer. He abused her open heart, mistaking her for tart. The man spelled her to a trance of tweaking weakening her stance. Sweet like strawberry shortcake she believed in trust and hope.
Feaning for dope at any means, he proved to be on his own team.
It began in a connection of freedom, shwag weed in a socket
Then the first night she snuck him into schedule- she was off in a rocket
Dug a hole in her heart then her pocket, but in return gave a worn, torn locket.
Although she felt the pain of betrayal, she continued rewarding his game of portrayal.
He spoke of unconditional love and left her feeling a push to shove.
He helped in a way that no one had before.
Grotesque and weak he slipped and leaked.
Shrewd girl may catch the exploiter, she may stop the killer before he strikes.
She admired his intention to care for her, he made her eat and endure.
She had no fear, he had no care, the two together were the perfect pair.
He tore her from the train and let her run untamed.
Insane and unfair tame, he shifted blame to her name.
Absent morality, so ashamed.
She spilled her thoughts, she spilled her dreams and all the weak points in between.
She built trust with a unconscious soul, a heartbreak felt so worth the toll.
Whacking at his weeds and utilizing all she reads.
The lone wolf conquered when he seeds, plants disease for his own needs.
He needs a zombie or a weak mind…
He feeds on the flesh of human kind.
Mysterious in a hiding way, she dug and tug at him to sway.
He never listened, never glistened, just closed his eyes in an act to listen.
Tells her she is the one he misses, but shredded wishes have him swimming with the fishes. Peace and love, Kisses.