Saturday, August 22, 2009

words constructing beats

Venomous eyes lied to try to feed, she and he could never be, but tea for two would have to do, crude jokes, rude folks, you hoax.
Listen lovely, lights above me, heavens shining for the being, fleeing from the chum and his ugly persona. Fleeing for the run and his 4 door Honda. 21st century, bury me, bury me, bury me,

she screamed.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Prefer to respond to crisis, rather than work - where things are always predictable

It's just a bottle of wine and black trash bags
I'm throwing out all my old rags
My stomach is growling as I flick my bic
The pain will subdue but I know I'm sick
Rich & Mellow reflects what they imply
Unfortunately their claim has quite a tie, because if you try - you will buy
7 dollars per 20, there goes all of my money
That's why life is just so damn funny
Irony rules all, and what goes up will always fall
My mind is soaring through the sky because I'm blazed and way up high
Falling down to the ground, now I see right through their lie