Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Tripper

If it wasn't for the free spirited indian tribe, my brain would have suctioned into skeletal midnight madness. I drove my heart passed the speed, into the unknown. I lived for the spectrum and all of its subordinates. I believed in a diet of chocolate, cigarettes, and coffee... and for that my life is grade C. Not exceptional, but excessively stuffed with innovation.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art will chloroform the world

When the world is at our feet, we walk as if eggshells are the only thing holding us up. Jobs are being lost, kids can't afford to go to school, and the economy has just suffered one of the biggest downfalls in over 50 years. With so much trouble fogging up the air, the American people have strayed from hope in a variety of ways. Through stress, eager, and letdown, people are loosing their minds in self pity and desperation. The scrape for stimulation will end when the path clears up. My generation is just a single stage in the development of a type of country that no one will ever want to leave. Companies are catching on to the green movement and discovering new ways to give back to the people. With "feel-good" deeds, we are able to feed optimism into the mouths of the lost minds. The difficult task is to keep the minds of the future focused on getting past the struggle. By providing an open shoulder to lean on and disbursing my art into the world, I have been able to stimulate minds. Although it may be a small step, it is a giant inspiration. Learning to speak my passion to the broken souls I've come across, has given me the ultimate guiding light. As a spokesperson for my generation, I could clear up the fog like a vacuum.