Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My love

Following the path of a grown empty soul

I hope and pray for a flagpole

Independance please ring the toll of destruction

People are waiting just to hear the eruption

Debating on whether my presence changes a thing

Because I mold my enviornment, I build society

I fill the empty holes with hope to subdue

Whether you stick to the glue is up to you to do

Love can't change a thing, but it can boast lingering

Stay a little longer, and I'll keep you happy

I'm sweet like pie, and awfully laughy

We can dance on water just to make a splash

We could fall in the tub, try to make it last

But the heat will rise, and the water will dull

Will you stay in our love tub til we grow old?

Will your love for me dull with the cold?

I won't lock you down with me, I know of my insanities

You know the things that make you smile

I'll let you go, just for a while

Return to me when you feel the mile, but if your free- be free you child

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