Thursday, October 14, 2010


I need one

•Abraham Bolsky Memorial Scholarship
•Ahmanson Foundation Graduate Scholarship
•Ahmanson Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship
•Akiyama/Westcoast Knitwear Scholarship
•Alexis Riekeman Memorial Scholarship
•Ben Maltz Memorial Scholarship
•Betty and Monte Factor Graduate Scholarship
•Brian Zientek Memorial Scholarship
•Bruce and Nancy Newberg Fashion Scholarship
•David Narva Memorial Scholarship
•Dr. Jack Handford Memorial Scholarship
•Edie & Lew Wasserman Scholarship
•Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Scholarship
•Frederick Monhoff Memorial Prize
•Gail and Stuart Buchalter Award
•GROUP Scholarship
•GUESS?/Marciano Fashion Scholarship
•Hannah S. Winderman Memorial Scholarship
•Hing Alan Cheung Memorial Scholarship
•Jaime Antonio Bermudez Memorial Scholarship
•James Kenyon Scholarship
•John Ridgway/Mike O’Gara Endowed Scholarship
•Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Scholarship
•Lisa Janian and Joyce Arad Fashion Scholarship
•NAMSB Foundation Scholarship
•National Endowment for the Arts – Renna Arts Scholarship
•Neil Konheim Memorial Scholarship
•NIKE Endowment for Fashion Scholarship
•Otis Benefit and Fashion Show Scholarship
•Otis Board of Governors Graduation Tuition Fellowship
•Peter Goulds Fine Arts Scholarship
•Phillip Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship
•Price-Galinson Collaborative Fund Scholarship
•Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Memorial Scholarship
•Rose Brantley Endowed Scholarship
•Rose Hills Foundation Scholarship
•Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Scholarship
•Stephanie Hopp Memorial Scholarship
•Stuart Buchalter Memorial Scholarship
•Toy Industry Foundation Scholarship
•Warnaco/Stuart Buchalter Memorial Scholarship
•Women in Toys Scholarship
•William H. Hannon Foundation Scholarship
•William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship

Monday, October 11, 2010

Faith struck

Wishing from a cell within a well
I map dwell with a plea
Trader village bargain the fee

The swap is worth indefinite glee
All yi set free
All yi with me

Oblivion soaked and struck by despite

I will infinitely fight the blast of moving too fast
Cheers and mazel tov to my stash of hope in mind

Pity for all my haters in line

Loyally yours, admirably theirs,
Faith runs with the clock of time

Don't check the line
We'll be fine, we'll be fine

Wishing from a cell within a well I built with neglect
Much like I'm livin for Jesus Christ but givin' no respect.

Cupid the beast

sake sanity for the benefit of doubt...
hindered by manipulative chaos
madman can't fool mystery innocence

burnt devilish tempt when taught resent…
enticing ash left direction to map gestures bent...
digging for candor with a keen wit
shrewd captures the exploiter

Eros in unique disguise, defining charm to be a lie
Buried pain, hides guilt and fear
Shamed to claim, her ears need care
Begging peasants light shine through eyes
But he, the killer, is still disguised

Powerful soul choking but concealed
She, the beauty, seeps hope to heal
A monster he sees of himself
She dreams to release him from the Devil's dwell
Open your eyes man dancing in flames

Yearning to turn his crooked sight straight
Mystery driven, innocence ridden
Learn to burn doubt and temptation
She dreams of a day we'll live in relation
Bright bursts of sensational endure
Mirrors reflecting bouquets of aura
Help the human full of lure

Ice cream frozen

.What if we "all float on," what if we loose our float and drop to the cement? Do we eat the pavement and make friends with rollie pollies?
Do we loose touch with everyone floating?
Do they look down on us playing side walk chalk in stand still?
Do we become entertainment for the floaters?

Floaters are still just floaters, their destination is unknown. Their thoughts are temporary.

We observe the floaters. Analyze and criticize their floating technique.
Then compose solutions to formulate the perfect float.
Ah the perfect float awaits...
We build a ship... a ship of many soldiers to contribute to the float that can never drop. Paddles of intelligence will row the boat, captain of rhythm steers the ship to neverland...
A place of eternal youth. Eternally young at heart.
The body will age, but the floater's soul that dropped to consider a destination will remain ageless once they board their dream ship.

Friday, October 8, 2010

There are 7

There are 7 demons chasing my energy. They are smart and conniving, witty and perpetual. I am growing into a beautiful young woman but they are not satisfied. They want me for their own, they want to see me drown in empathy. The demons haunt me through memory and shortness of breath. Stay away from me you empty soul, stay away. I do not have enough energy for the both of us, you must find your own. It's harder than you'll ever think, you'll be sad and alone. But the reflection of truth can restore the brain from the root... Thanks to love, and all things that must come, you will get out of this alive and vibrant. But if you choose to continue chasing a wasted cause, you will lose. I promise you, I will not help you this time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Growing up

I used to hunt down danger like a fierce invincible bitch... Now I get scared of moving shubbery. I used to confront evil just to make it smile, now I shelter myself from anything bad. Learn girl, learn.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I feel like I'm his angel... sent to deliver a message of love. I hope for him more than I've ever hoped for another being's well being. I met him several times before I decided I could love him. I yearned for his companionship for a good 8 months, he hurt me. He took everything I had to myself without remorse. He never cared the way I cared, but he would argue otherwise. He is under the demand of a demonic nature, he is the commander of evil. I am the aristocrat of direction. I still hope I played a positive impact on his life. But I have no idea, I have cut off all connections... I have not heard from him in months... But he left his signature 'Santa Fe' ciggarette as a trail on my doorstep. Lingering...

Dear God,

Please help Tate to heal his soul. Enable him the power to see honest goodness, and the strength to overcome evil. Please allow him happiness from life. Please allow me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change as I will leave it to you.

Love and all things for me

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with focus, it is straining. It typically happends while exploring pages of Wikipedia. I am enthralled with excitement to find pure truth... and I can only find it in one place. The world wide encylopedia, always a friend.

I'm not the type

I'm not the type to be tamed or held down by intangibles that may hold me back from living life as I please... I claim Independence solely, not along your side. Therefore I must see myself through, I'm sorry, I'm not your type. No I'm definitely not your girl.

If you anticipate many interchanging phenomenons in your life, you anticipate a great future. You anticipate complexional challenge and vigorous talent. You are hungry for stardom, you want to shine.

But one must keep in mind...Whether instinct, whim, or bravery shine as your armor... you are doomed to ultimately decide for yourself. Be responsible for your actions. Grow up... there will always be someone in the end.

Someone will always need and want your entire existence. There will always be someone to love you. So love yourself first. Find who you are and conquer your fear, then throw life in a different gear... conquer again on new land... then again, and again... til you feel impeccably fulfilled.

Why must we claim to tame another being? Let that being free, they are happy then it seems. Solemnly, we do not always make the right choices... but it is our only chance to learn without the shame of blame. No one can take admiration into an account with destination in order to see where they may arrive in salutation. No one can see goodbye. So why say hello when your unprepared in anticipation of your own future? Maybe only when both parties anticipate a common goal.