Sunday, October 11, 2009

"The "chosen people"... a quartlet of musicians who play a single work but also who individually play their own instruments as part of that quartlet. Sometimes they play in complement, sometimes in counterpoint, but always in symphony." -Eyre

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm freaking out again

What if evolution is the epitome of our problems? What if reproduction was never intended to occur and the tempt of sin ceased our true bliss. That's why I say live your life freely, do as you please. If you die, there's a reason why.

What IF rhyming is the weapon of self destruction? Drug induced, self destruction. What IF. Then I suppose you die in passion. That's the art of living free. You love the crazy shit you do. You say she's crazy but they say "she amazed me."

Music has provided me with a ball to chase in my head's court.

What if evolution is the epitome of our euphoric plantation? Profiling is frowned upon, yet we portray our every move. We camera snap the memories and upload them digitally. Then view ourselves, sometimes daily. Reflecting constantly on our own good will, presentation, and representation. Portrayal remains in ...the eye of the beholder. Depict me for what I am. Manipulation is the bearer of art and philosophy. Humor is the tick to my talk. A BIG BANG AFTER A COMPILATION OF MUSIC AND IMAGES. Internet protocol will be the end of this world. Dedication to die with a passion, dedication to die with a name far from 'Jane Doe', dedication to live freely until you are chosen to pass. Now that's a life.

These things society have created are acting as implantation, and for the sake of boredom. New advancements? I would expect God's angels to have a better sense of true bliss. What has technology caused? Strife. We're moving too fast... relationships are slowly breaking. The thought of solitary independence is most commonly accepted, and our vision is altered by advertisement. Art will be the death of me. And no, that does not mean I want to die right now. And yeah, I can began a sentence with "and..." Because This format of writing is free... like me.

Manipulating endeavor is smacking me in the face, and this is reality. I'm so clever, It couldn't get better.

With all the resources widely available I can choose to loose the laws with blues. I can treat others as I would like to be treated, politely. Peace is our savior. If you could only see the things I see - I promise things would be on key. Like knowing you were meant for this your whole life, I write.

We prosper models because we are drawn to vanity, and he want's us to see it too. Sin is all around us and we can choose to loose the laws with blues. Technology has opened my eyes more wide than ever. The sins are here for the better. For the pleasure, without sin, we would not have emotion. Emotion is one thing containing us on this world. The resilient prophet shall continue her doom. 8 Feet under is where everyone goes... unless you are burnt. Burnt stressed in heat... The devil herself? Could that be me? I would never inflict pain on anyone.

Amoral is how I describe my current state of desire. Divine, religion is all I am concerned with...
It comes to me dyslexically, and all out of nerve. It may be a learning disorder, but without it I wouldn't have this euphorbia. I don't have to LEARN your way. I was faced with this at a very late age... Sometimes I wonder if we live our lives backward like Benjamin Button. Beginning as a calm and cranky old person then loosing all you've been taught, capturing. I compel what you say is hell... But it makes sense to me and I define tragedy.

I am my own medicine man, shaman. I cure myself. I heal myself. Because this is a single cycle in something that could be infinite. I can only rely on myself, because myself is all I'll be when I die. An impression left on planet earth would be nice to try. Dying is not a bad thing... some angels are stolen faster than we'd like. But our emotions cannot control our every day, because people have advanced too far to contemplate some new way of life, right? No. I simply cannot conform to society and it's needs. If there is some proven way to do something, people will follow it. That is not maturing, that is conforming. I have to be me, be free, live in glee.

You may say I'm the devils advocate. GodI feel like some kind of angel sent to deliver a message. Peace. Love. Happiness. Because were all going to the same place, even if your body is 8 feet under.

<3>(Immediately following this post I had my first seizure. I was hospitalized for a week.)

It's 9/1/2010 - I finally realized... It's Truth, Love, and Hope... Don't sin.

What is a source of a desirable quality? "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." says Oscar Wilde. A fountain of youth to engage in amoral activity for eternity. Run my hair through that stream, un dia caliente es in beam... the sun will soak up my insanity and cause me sin, like living in vanity. Tick to the tock and I'm tawny... My deep tan smothers my body. Tick to the tock and I began to wonder why we are granted natural beauty from natural sources... or if it is only desirable temptations in which we should resist. God has given us plenty, but somehow our environment is run by money. If I died from pot would it be funny? It's never happened before, so no, I don't see it coming. "The wrong path" has guilt driven me nose diving in wrath. Wrath, "noun- extreme anger chiefly used for a humorous and rhetorical effect. He hid his pipe for fear of incurring his father's wrath." says the dictionary, I can rhyme my lines visionary. It's legendary, I'll tell ya man. I do what I can with this word vomit... that's why your on my page leavin comments... But real talk, go walk your walk. Stand strong and proud cause' any sign of dependency leads to single status city. 21st century, bury me.

use your resources wisely, if you want something- take it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

words constructing beats

Venomous eyes lied to try to feed, she and he could never be, but tea for two would have to do, crude jokes, rude folks, you hoax.
Listen lovely, lights above me, heavens shining for the being, fleeing from the chum and his ugly persona. Fleeing for the run and his 4 door Honda. 21st century, bury me, bury me, bury me,

she screamed.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Prefer to respond to crisis, rather than work - where things are always predictable

It's just a bottle of wine and black trash bags
I'm throwing out all my old rags
My stomach is growling as I flick my bic
The pain will subdue but I know I'm sick
Rich & Mellow reflects what they imply
Unfortunately their claim has quite a tie, because if you try - you will buy
7 dollars per 20, there goes all of my money
That's why life is just so damn funny
Irony rules all, and what goes up will always fall
My mind is soaring through the sky because I'm blazed and way up high
Falling down to the ground, now I see right through their lie

Saturday, July 11, 2009


my glare is in fear of leer
there you stare, come here
to lust and all things that must come
the sky may weigh a ton but it's our only fun
high is our new state of mind
gin is our new drinking kind
hard and nasty in many ways
probably cause they're always blazed
buzzin here, buzzin there
got no morality to line fear of leer
so when you stare, they won't care
fear of leer is nothing here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm in the south where it's okay to run your mouth
the human kind speak what on their mind
spit it to fit it
smoke it to choke it
1.2.3. dont fold it, hold it

Friday, June 19, 2009

Flaw me

My head begans to ache and my bones began to shake
I am trapped to this lock - no keys, no shock
My body is quivering
But nothing seems to change; it all remains the same

Evil concouxions began to quake as I plot out an escape
My head begans to ache and my bones began to shake
Nothing I want more than to be high on the floor
There is nothing I want more

My life is perfect, I don't know if it's worth it
My life is flawless, I don't think I can handle it

"Three cheers for five years"
Music is the only remedy to get rid of me
Get rid of the bad in me
Get rid of the sad in me

Nothing I want more than to be high on the floor
There is nothing I want more

There is nothing wrong with me.

Passions all we have

the feel of your lips
the strength of your kiss
i miss you so much
its only you
the grip of your fists
clenching the flips of my wrists
its only you
the scent of your skin lingers in my memory like you were meant for me
dont you know, i feel like you were born for me...
make me sad
make me mad
stir me up, and ive never been so glad
make me feel alive, like i could never leave your high
i could never leave your high
baby im so sorry for hurting you in the past
my heart has worn a cast to heal what happened last...
please understand, living a dream was not part of my plan.
give me anchor while im doing all i can

baby be mine
ill give you your time
tell me whats on your mind... tell me this love is ours not only mine...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tweeking for my muse and partner in crime

I'll dress you and you dress me together we will be in an ever changing spree a land of no time, a hand of no kind come with me and we will see a way to save our heads in glaze twitter here lets get blazed squirming to a jump for daft here I dream about your shaft my boy, my darling, my sweet muse I gasp for you, I need your news read to me the lines of life sing to me about the fright fill me in, but leave me out for you baby, I will shout pout those lips and squint your eyes the sun is coming, no surprise flower down to coffee bean lets starve baby, lets get lean absent morality is in play lala land... let's lay all day

The dwelling of doom and desire

Living in these pleather flats
growing, aging, learning crap
where were you those nights alone
crying, screaming out for home
no one comes, because your gone
far away in dead man's pond

My strength begins to grow,
'cause it's you I need most
My heart begins to pound,
'cause there's nothing like a race
I'm living in a dead land
Living in a wasteland
A spooky whisp of soul comes streaking through my eye...
screaming grasp my hand
screaming grasp my hand
I'm falling, oh I'm falling


I'm dark and evil
Twisted and sinful
Perversion takes over like a heart attack
My life starts flashing all out of whack
Baby spank that, baby pull that
I'm dark and evil
Twisted and sinful
A sophisticated blend of right and wrong
A rare seduction to last all night long
Layered in silk and lace
Baby I've got a bad case
I'm dark, i'm evil,
Twisted and sinful

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cheat me

If there is some design or way to make me stay
fill me in, I'm bleeding, my head has gone away
spinning and twirling I'm sizing up hurling
your too far gone for me to pawn
twitching eyes 'cause your a con
I argue sharp this look of sneer
you charged me more, you had no fear
and I, this foolish vixen
let let let me steer clear

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shabbot Shalom

To my grandparents' for babaganoosh
or whatever else I please to choose

Missing Venice beach and all of it's affiliates

We'd soar down Flower St.

on speeding feet, on moving floors...
come on down to lala town
come on dowm to lala town

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Some girls play on their checker board, other girls hang it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

utilizing what i can, victorias secret is a man

The flat lands have extracted my social life

From rugs to riches, a dress in the making

my views must be read slowly with full understanding because every word will always shoot off the next. counter reacting is the most feasible way of writing for this crooked head of mine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Artist vs. The World

I had a falling out. I fell down to the level of kicked out and homeless. How can this happen to a 19 year old? Money. Money makes world go round. Money pays for you, money pays for me. The world would reject me as a human being simply based on my empty pockets. With all the knowledge of a college dropout, I feel that setting life goals has only brought me down. Why not live for the now? Why not live for today? Without some master plan you set and determined, you seem hazy; lacking focus. Frowned upon and lectured, I realized what the heart of life is. I realized that morals and passion will never outweigh the significance of a dollar sign. With this conception, I feel at a loss. I feel as though my entire existence must be commercially driven in order to succeed. Although, if I gave up my dreamer's perception- I'd have to wrap my neck with barbed wire until my head falls to the man made floor. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Tripper

If it wasn't for the free spirited indian tribe, my brain would have suctioned into skeletal midnight madness. I drove my heart passed the speed, into the unknown. I lived for the spectrum and all of its subordinates. I believed in a diet of chocolate, cigarettes, and coffee... and for that my life is grade C. Not exceptional, but excessively stuffed with innovation.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art will chloroform the world

When the world is at our feet, we walk as if eggshells are the only thing holding us up. Jobs are being lost, kids can't afford to go to school, and the economy has just suffered one of the biggest downfalls in over 50 years. With so much trouble fogging up the air, the American people have strayed from hope in a variety of ways. Through stress, eager, and letdown, people are loosing their minds in self pity and desperation. The scrape for stimulation will end when the path clears up. My generation is just a single stage in the development of a type of country that no one will ever want to leave. Companies are catching on to the green movement and discovering new ways to give back to the people. With "feel-good" deeds, we are able to feed optimism into the mouths of the lost minds. The difficult task is to keep the minds of the future focused on getting past the struggle. By providing an open shoulder to lean on and disbursing my art into the world, I have been able to stimulate minds. Although it may be a small step, it is a giant inspiration. Learning to speak my passion to the broken souls I've come across, has given me the ultimate guiding light. As a spokesperson for my generation, I could clear up the fog like a vacuum. 

Friday, March 27, 2009