Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm not the type

I'm not the type to be tamed or held down by intangibles that may hold me back from living life as I please... I claim Independence solely, not along your side. Therefore I must see myself through, I'm sorry, I'm not your type. No I'm definitely not your girl.

If you anticipate many interchanging phenomenons in your life, you anticipate a great future. You anticipate complexional challenge and vigorous talent. You are hungry for stardom, you want to shine.

But one must keep in mind...Whether instinct, whim, or bravery shine as your armor... you are doomed to ultimately decide for yourself. Be responsible for your actions. Grow up... there will always be someone in the end.

Someone will always need and want your entire existence. There will always be someone to love you. So love yourself first. Find who you are and conquer your fear, then throw life in a different gear... conquer again on new land... then again, and again... til you feel impeccably fulfilled.

Why must we claim to tame another being? Let that being free, they are happy then it seems. Solemnly, we do not always make the right choices... but it is our only chance to learn without the shame of blame. No one can take admiration into an account with destination in order to see where they may arrive in salutation. No one can see goodbye. So why say hello when your unprepared in anticipation of your own future? Maybe only when both parties anticipate a common goal.

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