Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drops of Jupiter sang a Gemini baby. Locks hang the soul of a Milky Way goddess.

While you were looking for yourself out there

Ying the stars for yang
Sling for Oxford slang
You will die with a bang
Sing you cold hard survivor
Flying karma pink shaded kape
Rival me a riddle for the poor piddle
Puddle of grace and every mistake
Self destructor out of amo
Army of prejudice delgado
Presumptious inflation ripped sense to temptation
Golden halo of fury rests in a smile of blurry vision
Fluid swelled cells, this body my vile
Pillow talk but I smoked the fault solely
Protecting no one in a hurry...Learn to drop the worry
The science lab is special to me
Concoxtion of pina colada infusium, we knew them
She knew them, he knew them
No one shocks at talk of the flock
If I'm too much to handle, ask me to move
The West Coast is ready for my overwhelming prescence
Shores beat the main land feasants
The fiction of my past is the diction to my present

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