Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm freaking out again

What if evolution is the epitome of our problems? What if reproduction was never intended to occur and the tempt of sin ceased our true bliss. That's why I say live your life freely, do as you please. If you die, there's a reason why.

What IF rhyming is the weapon of self destruction? Drug induced, self destruction. What IF. Then I suppose you die in passion. That's the art of living free. You love the crazy shit you do. You say she's crazy but they say "she amazed me."

Music has provided me with a ball to chase in my head's court.

What if evolution is the epitome of our euphoric plantation? Profiling is frowned upon, yet we portray our every move. We camera snap the memories and upload them digitally. Then view ourselves, sometimes daily. Reflecting constantly on our own good will, presentation, and representation. Portrayal remains in ...the eye of the beholder. Depict me for what I am. Manipulation is the bearer of art and philosophy. Humor is the tick to my talk. A BIG BANG AFTER A COMPILATION OF MUSIC AND IMAGES. Internet protocol will be the end of this world. Dedication to die with a passion, dedication to die with a name far from 'Jane Doe', dedication to live freely until you are chosen to pass. Now that's a life.

These things society have created are acting as implantation, and for the sake of boredom. New advancements? I would expect God's angels to have a better sense of true bliss. What has technology caused? Strife. We're moving too fast... relationships are slowly breaking. The thought of solitary independence is most commonly accepted, and our vision is altered by advertisement. Art will be the death of me. And no, that does not mean I want to die right now. And yeah, I can began a sentence with "and..." Because This format of writing is free... like me.

Manipulating endeavor is smacking me in the face, and this is reality. I'm so clever, It couldn't get better.

With all the resources widely available I can choose to loose the laws with blues. I can treat others as I would like to be treated, politely. Peace is our savior. If you could only see the things I see - I promise things would be on key. Like knowing you were meant for this your whole life, I write.

We prosper models because we are drawn to vanity, and he want's us to see it too. Sin is all around us and we can choose to loose the laws with blues. Technology has opened my eyes more wide than ever. The sins are here for the better. For the pleasure, without sin, we would not have emotion. Emotion is one thing containing us on this world. The resilient prophet shall continue her doom. 8 Feet under is where everyone goes... unless you are burnt. Burnt stressed in heat... The devil herself? Could that be me? I would never inflict pain on anyone.

Amoral is how I describe my current state of desire. Divine, religion is all I am concerned with...
It comes to me dyslexically, and all out of nerve. It may be a learning disorder, but without it I wouldn't have this euphorbia. I don't have to LEARN your way. I was faced with this at a very late age... Sometimes I wonder if we live our lives backward like Benjamin Button. Beginning as a calm and cranky old person then loosing all you've been taught, capturing. I compel what you say is hell... But it makes sense to me and I define tragedy.

I am my own medicine man, shaman. I cure myself. I heal myself. Because this is a single cycle in something that could be infinite. I can only rely on myself, because myself is all I'll be when I die. An impression left on planet earth would be nice to try. Dying is not a bad thing... some angels are stolen faster than we'd like. But our emotions cannot control our every day, because people have advanced too far to contemplate some new way of life, right? No. I simply cannot conform to society and it's needs. If there is some proven way to do something, people will follow it. That is not maturing, that is conforming. I have to be me, be free, live in glee.

You may say I'm the devils advocate. GodI feel like some kind of angel sent to deliver a message. Peace. Love. Happiness. Because were all going to the same place, even if your body is 8 feet under.

<3>(Immediately following this post I had my first seizure. I was hospitalized for a week.)

It's 9/1/2010 - I finally realized... It's Truth, Love, and Hope... Don't sin.

What is a source of a desirable quality? "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." says Oscar Wilde. A fountain of youth to engage in amoral activity for eternity. Run my hair through that stream, un dia caliente es in beam... the sun will soak up my insanity and cause me sin, like living in vanity. Tick to the tock and I'm tawny... My deep tan smothers my body. Tick to the tock and I began to wonder why we are granted natural beauty from natural sources... or if it is only desirable temptations in which we should resist. God has given us plenty, but somehow our environment is run by money. If I died from pot would it be funny? It's never happened before, so no, I don't see it coming. "The wrong path" has guilt driven me nose diving in wrath. Wrath, "noun- extreme anger chiefly used for a humorous and rhetorical effect. He hid his pipe for fear of incurring his father's wrath." says the dictionary, I can rhyme my lines visionary. It's legendary, I'll tell ya man. I do what I can with this word vomit... that's why your on my page leavin comments... But real talk, go walk your walk. Stand strong and proud cause' any sign of dependency leads to single status city. 21st century, bury me.

use your resources wisely, if you want something- take it.