Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love on my knees

The truth is, I cannot keep focus enough to read. Therefore, I do not expect anyone to read this. If there is someone reading this, you probably don't understand w.t.F I am talking about... but that is the beauty of ventilation; No one can see it but it makes a sound. So where is truth in pain today? Far, far away.

Love inspired me for the first time in years. I was so rushed with happiness I couldn't help but smile. It was greatness.

Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from hell on earth... But I still have Jewish faith.
I feel amazing in appreciation of love, truth, and hope.
There is a fine line that should be discovered and implemented across the nation. Fashion creates image, image creates a person. For our reflection is mere expression. There is a great divine sense running down my spine, and I can stand tall today. Baruch ashem.
Feed the image of love, feed it clothing sent from above. I've always adored peach, and pale tints... greys, black, and the royal color of red.
Rather than defining the contemporary woman or the edge... define a relationship. Thank you love for inspiration.
Comfort graces my presence and I know now why I love fashion.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

He's the good guy

He lives with a steady beat and never gives up energy... I don't know what to do... He makes me feel safe and comfortable... but isn't that what friends do? Why does it exist as more than that?

The drips drop then the water begans to rush... tonight I feel like a lush.

I argue with myself just to deal with the dwell of earning a yearning for love. There is no such thing, love is instantaneously. Worthy? I doubt... but innocently pout, so what's not to see more than precious skin and precious knees? I'm no better than you, you are no better than me... I don't care how much money you have or how many times you'll be sweet like honey... I care about the absence of breath I have when your around and the butterflies that tingle my stomach all around. I feel as though I am a child, awfully wild, blushing like a bride with lots of pride for whom she loves. But the direction of where to store my glowing ruby rare is racing for a prize, whom can do the dare? I dare you to tell me you love me. I dare you to break apart... fall, theartically, just in case you need to catch me... I've twisted the atlantic in this affair of betrayal... but I must confess, I love the art from the mess.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If I owned a boutique...

The shoes would be imported from:

Jeffrey Campbell
Kelsi Dagger
Geren Ford
Luciano Padovan

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drops of Jupiter sang a Gemini baby. Locks hang the soul of a Milky Way goddess.

While you were looking for yourself out there

Ying the stars for yang
Sling for Oxford slang
You will die with a bang
Sing you cold hard survivor
Flying karma pink shaded kape
Rival me a riddle for the poor piddle
Puddle of grace and every mistake
Self destructor out of amo
Army of prejudice delgado
Presumptious inflation ripped sense to temptation
Golden halo of fury rests in a smile of blurry vision
Fluid swelled cells, this body my vile
Pillow talk but I smoked the fault solely
Protecting no one in a hurry...Learn to drop the worry
The science lab is special to me
Concoxtion of pina colada infusium, we knew them
She knew them, he knew them
No one shocks at talk of the flock
If I'm too much to handle, ask me to move
The West Coast is ready for my overwhelming prescence
Shores beat the main land feasants
The fiction of my past is the diction to my present

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My love

Following the path of a grown empty soul

I hope and pray for a flagpole

Independance please ring the toll of destruction

People are waiting just to hear the eruption

Debating on whether my presence changes a thing

Because I mold my enviornment, I build society

I fill the empty holes with hope to subdue

Whether you stick to the glue is up to you to do

Love can't change a thing, but it can boast lingering

Stay a little longer, and I'll keep you happy

I'm sweet like pie, and awfully laughy

We can dance on water just to make a splash

We could fall in the tub, try to make it last

But the heat will rise, and the water will dull

Will you stay in our love tub til we grow old?

Will your love for me dull with the cold?

I won't lock you down with me, I know of my insanities

You know the things that make you smile

I'll let you go, just for a while

Return to me when you feel the mile, but if your free- be free you child

Appreciation is golden

When the man with nothing hit jackpot, he ran to a ditch just to get lost

Life is plenty, there is no money worth life's cost

Life is learning by earning, not granting what's been bought

The one taught appreciation is panting for me

He builds creation in the beauty with whom deserves

Golden halos rang the cloud's curves

The value of a lesson is what's been taught

Now I endure glisten just to get hot