Friday, July 9, 2010

Like a new born, placenta covered limbs and eyes so squinty

Red rains resist the beat of blue blood heat
Rinsing skin, truth seeps from human meat

Starting a beat, shielding her skin, squeezing her feet
heard the words ''still waters run deep''

Shy eyed and dazed at a yellowish tint
Raspy voice and her breath smells like mint

Dust on her shoulder, dust in her hair
let's start it all over, let's get so prepared

Ash tray lays near her lap, it's for the photo
smoke trail drawn her map, ay le desoto

Taste sweet but her head is sour
She may like you now and not so in an hour

candy land puffs fill the company's hand
will hope to God the days she can
never will love another man

trust has died, brain floured and fried
Dust on her shoulder, dust in her hair
let's start it all over, let's get so prepared

Plain vanilla not suffice

Igniting flames of flare

The wafering rocks shed from her thoughts as they did from the mountain and even the water here tastes bitter... but the Pink Lipgloss Gang is in a frenzy combat with society, and it's anti chic sloppiness. Are you ready for blastoff? I'm so clever, I couldn't be better. I stare to the sky, the only thing left open wide. Wouldn't it be nice if we were kings and queens, served to by royally rich things... demands would be in our hands, the land would be for our plan and we could choose to loose the laws with blues... we could get twisted on the atlantic and accumulate the froth of socialite blabber at it's finest. Some call it classic, but that's just the half of it. Steer clear of the muck, good luck. I'll buck, you fuck, let's shuck. The deer said here lay there for care, my dear-stay here, in pair for leer. I'm just as guilty as your mother and her whorish spread legs. Gimmie a charmer, trailer trash is simply unacceptable. It ain't trickin' if you got it. Pass me the poison... Sit your hips and bat your eyes, this window seal is guarding artists and dreamers. Rise in elevation to every destination, bring me the medication. Seein' more third rate action than ever before. Drench my hair through the stream, un dia caliente is in beam. California dreamin' - I just never will reveal it all and my honey knows for sure I'll never call. He says my ripped tights plague his thoughts... bare boned and lit, I run this shit. And if you choose to curse, burst, or act a fool - it's up to you, you have no rules. I'm a gonzo baby and my boobs are too big, I don't understand why you don't understand. I'm a bimbo floozie with harlots and hookers hidden under my hussys... The flat lands have caused my social life to kapoot, and the only thing left to do is sit here. My flashlight is bubble popping through my imagination, what's a girl to do? We're all just animals anyway. Slammered to a 12 x 14 mocha painted room, bound by deranged figures and adolescent rulings. Still tripping on mind hiccups and 22 hour road trips. Missing Venice beach and all of it's affiliates, she blows a bit of the hard stuff.

I don't need make up or a social status...

Wishing from a cell within a well

I map dwell with a plea
Trader village bargain the fee

The swap is worth indefinite glee
All yi set free
All yi with me

Oblivion soaked and struck by despite

I will infinitely fight the blast of moving too fast
Cheers and mazel tov to my stash of hope in mind

Pity for all my haters in line

Loyally yours, admirably theirs,
Faith runs with the clock of time

Don't check the line
We'll be fine, we'll be fine

Wishing from a cell within a well I built with neglect
Much like I'm livin for Jesus Christ but givin' no respect.

Cupid the Beast

sake sanity for the benefit of doubt...
hindered by manipulative chaos
madman can't fool mystery innocence

burnt devilish tempt when taught resent…
enticing ash left direction to map gestures bent...
digging for candor with a keen wit
shrewd captures the exploiter

Eros in unique disguise, defining charm to be a lie
Buried pain, hides guilt and fear
Shamed to claim, her ears need care
Begging peasants light shine through eyes
But he, the killer, is still disguised

Powerful soul choking but concealed
She, the beauty, seeps hope to heal
A monster he sees of himself
She dreams to release him from the Devil's dwell
Open your eyes man dancing in flames

Yearning to turn his crooked sight straight
Mystery driven, innocence ridden
Learn to burn doubt and temptation
She dreams of a day we'll live in relation
Bright bursts of sensational endure
Mirrors reflecting bouquets of aura
Help the human full of lure