Monday, October 11, 2010

Ice cream frozen

.What if we "all float on," what if we loose our float and drop to the cement? Do we eat the pavement and make friends with rollie pollies?
Do we loose touch with everyone floating?
Do they look down on us playing side walk chalk in stand still?
Do we become entertainment for the floaters?

Floaters are still just floaters, their destination is unknown. Their thoughts are temporary.

We observe the floaters. Analyze and criticize their floating technique.
Then compose solutions to formulate the perfect float.
Ah the perfect float awaits...
We build a ship... a ship of many soldiers to contribute to the float that can never drop. Paddles of intelligence will row the boat, captain of rhythm steers the ship to neverland...
A place of eternal youth. Eternally young at heart.
The body will age, but the floater's soul that dropped to consider a destination will remain ageless once they board their dream ship.

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