Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aspirin to aspire the soiled soul

Wind washed the grime of guilt to a gift of clarity. Mistaken by the meaning of closure, I often fold myself in bizarre and frightful situations. Prepared by grasping etiquette and a keen sense, I find myself brave and confident like a warrior. Doubt battles my hope bearing soul… Trust is the savior… Deceit shot and distraught. Refusing to believe I could fall to be naive. To crave the feeling of closure means to crave the acceptance of failing. I refuse to accept failure as an option. I will crave the enlightenment of success until my soul is lifted. Concealing fear from all the years, I can feel myself heal with every drop of thy tears.

Aspirin is a pain killer. Many people rely on pain medication to release pressure. When I was much younger, maybe 10 years ago: I would take a large dose of Ibuprophen in order to relieve my head aches. I should have taken 2… I went for 9 instead… sometimes only 8. Rebellion begins, I began to find hope only within my own cure. My way was the play of all plays.

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