Sunday, December 5, 2010


In form of a thorny green vine, panic streams sense to mind
Codon beams relieve this spine
Mother Envy is a bitch, wearing gloves I beat her twitch
Pain seeped away with this substance and now I know not to feel
I seem to lean on many demons twisting down my spine
Hope to heal this heart of mine before I twine into a bind
No matter what the cost I'll sway so far from getting lost
God, please give me peace of mind…
God, please speed this ill born twine
Panic strikes and streams
Glowing sense beam this thorn filled vine crawling my spine…
Twining and shining is quite like dining with the devil…
Feeling too brave to be afraid, I choose to take this level
Reeling in love, hope, and truth with clues
Spotlight reveals who's who
Shed a skin of blue today
Who am I? Human clay

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