Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Artist vs. The World

I had a falling out. I fell down to the level of kicked out and homeless. How can this happen to a 19 year old? Money. Money makes world go round. Money pays for you, money pays for me. The world would reject me as a human being simply based on my empty pockets. With all the knowledge of a college dropout, I feel that setting life goals has only brought me down. Why not live for the now? Why not live for today? Without some master plan you set and determined, you seem hazy; lacking focus. Frowned upon and lectured, I realized what the heart of life is. I realized that morals and passion will never outweigh the significance of a dollar sign. With this conception, I feel at a loss. I feel as though my entire existence must be commercially driven in order to succeed. Although, if I gave up my dreamer's perception- I'd have to wrap my neck with barbed wire until my head falls to the man made floor. 

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