Friday, June 19, 2009

Passions all we have

the feel of your lips
the strength of your kiss
i miss you so much
its only you
the grip of your fists
clenching the flips of my wrists
its only you
the scent of your skin lingers in my memory like you were meant for me
dont you know, i feel like you were born for me...
make me sad
make me mad
stir me up, and ive never been so glad
make me feel alive, like i could never leave your high
i could never leave your high
baby im so sorry for hurting you in the past
my heart has worn a cast to heal what happened last...
please understand, living a dream was not part of my plan.
give me anchor while im doing all i can

baby be mine
ill give you your time
tell me whats on your mind... tell me this love is ours not only mine...

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