Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is a source of a desirable quality? "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." says Oscar Wilde. A fountain of youth to engage in amoral activity for eternity. Run my hair through that stream, un dia caliente es in beam... the sun will soak up my insanity and cause me sin, like living in vanity. Tick to the tock and I'm tawny... My deep tan smothers my body. Tick to the tock and I began to wonder why we are granted natural beauty from natural sources... or if it is only desirable temptations in which we should resist. God has given us plenty, but somehow our environment is run by money. If I died from pot would it be funny? It's never happened before, so no, I don't see it coming. "The wrong path" has guilt driven me nose diving in wrath. Wrath, "noun- extreme anger chiefly used for a humorous and rhetorical effect. He hid his pipe for fear of incurring his father's wrath." says the dictionary, I can rhyme my lines visionary. It's legendary, I'll tell ya man. I do what I can with this word vomit... that's why your on my page leavin comments... But real talk, go walk your walk. Stand strong and proud cause' any sign of dependency leads to single status city. 21st century, bury me.

use your resources wisely, if you want something- take it.

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