Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupid the Beast

sake sanity for the benefit of doubt...
hindered by manipulative chaos
madman can't fool mystery innocence

burnt devilish tempt when taught resent…
enticing ash left direction to map gestures bent...
digging for candor with a keen wit
shrewd captures the exploiter

Eros in unique disguise, defining charm to be a lie
Buried pain, hides guilt and fear
Shamed to claim, her ears need care
Begging peasants light shine through eyes
But he, the killer, is still disguised

Powerful soul choking but concealed
She, the beauty, seeps hope to heal
A monster he sees of himself
She dreams to release him from the Devil's dwell
Open your eyes man dancing in flames

Yearning to turn his crooked sight straight
Mystery driven, innocence ridden
Learn to burn doubt and temptation
She dreams of a day we'll live in relation
Bright bursts of sensational endure
Mirrors reflecting bouquets of aura
Help the human full of lure

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